Volunteer Now

Take inventory of yourself

Voluntary work is a fine way of generating awareness about oneself, to be engaged in a meaningful way to develop broad relationships with other people of different cultures. It is a great opportunity to broaden your horizon and to learn the hardship of other cultures. However, we do expect something from you as well: You have something to offer, you are taking your work seriously and you contribute to the level of effort in a significant way. You may have either relevant work experience or some of the best ideological concepts or maybe even both to further support these deprived and needy Children.

We need Professional support

To provide the best possible support to these kids, we need knowledge, skills and abilities to cover a broad range of support. The ranges includes but not limited to, the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide medical attention, to teach self-empowerment, to demonstrate the mechanics of construction, to understand how to interact with your environment.

The right person on the right project

The knowledge of an individual is a wonderful thing, the skill of that individual to delivery that knowledge so that it is capture by another is priceless. We consider it to be significant in bring the right individual into the right action where they can really make a difference is important. The matching and linking of knowledge, skills and abilities to the right projects is a gift in itself to a deprived and needy Child. When this becomes apparent to a Volunteer, only then the volunteer will have the feeling to be able to operate and produce the level of effort that is beneficial to a successful project. A good fit between your wish and the Child needs can lead to structural development. Self-organization, self-confidence and self-respect is a blessing to volunteer work. As a GRO Volunteer, one can expect the shifting their borders, that they are motivated and have respect for culture. Respect for the environment in wish they live as well as the environment of others. The ability of one to adapt to the culture and habits of other countries for which they may be able to produce whatever it that they have to offer a deprived and needy child.

Host family

By living with a Ghanaian hosted family you will gain the understanding rich culture and hospitability, and foremost you will have a temporary new home! A nice and good host family therefore is extremely important. We could arrange a suitable host family in which you will experience the daily life, customs, habits and the art of cooking, in addition to receiving the care of a host mother to feel the warm love in your heart.

Information package

Before you leave your homeland, you will receive (by email) a information package. In this package, you will find the necessary information that are useful during your stay. Next to that you will receive a brochure about health (how to stay healthy and how to recover quickly if you might fall ill). Finally, you will also receive a language guide. Introduction and guidance, Ghana On arrival in Ghana, you will be met at the airport of Accra. An organizational guide will assist you in getting to your accommodations. Among other things, you will get information about culture, health, food and banking affairs that you may need to address. A bus ride to Tamale will be arranged for you to include a tour through the city to be acquainted with the most important places and the GRO office. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that the choice and the responsibility to travel within Ghana is entirely yours!


    Arranging your workplace
    Arranging your host family
    Breakfast and dinner with your host family (in the evening you will eat what’s cooked/going. Breakfast usually exists/contains of bread, thee and an egg)
    A –lockable- room of your own, with a bed and a fan Toilet and bathroom;
    A three day introduction (including a cultural orientation)
    All transport costs during the introduction will be paid by GRO, as well as lodgings in the guesthouse in Accra.
    Appropriate/Required information during the preparations;
    Aid/Assistance, coaching and information during your stay
For more information, please email at grotamale@usdang.org