What Your Donation Provides



To provide shelter and education to the young kids as well as teaching them how to adapt themselves in their environment. These kids need shelter from nature's elements, especially during the rainy season. Having this shelter can help the children to develop naturally and understand what it is they can do to better their living conditions


boy teaching class

To educate the children. A small donation can help buy books, pencils, paper, and all of the basic necessities needed to receive a good education. Your donation will also go to help build the school structures needed to allow year round school, even through the rainy season. Your donation can help every one of these children to receive the education that they deserve.

Drinking Water

Children carrying drinking water

To provide clean drinking water and nutritious food. Fresh water wells may be drilled to provide non-contaminated water for drinking and cooking.

Medical Care

Boy needing med

The people of Ghana do not have the basic necessities of life that we are used to in life. The fundamental things like medical supplies are few and far between in many of the Northern Regions villages. Some children do not even have a chance of a real life due to desease and famine. Your donation can help save a child's life. Any donation would help a child like this.

To building a better world for all


Those who would like to donate non-perishable food, reading books, computer books, computers, pencils, writing paper, un-needed children's clothes and shoes, bottle water etc., can mail their donations to this address:

Online donations are made via GRO’s secure PayPal account or by check

Check Donations You may send a check or money orders made out to the Ghana Relief Organization directly to GRO at the following address:
Ghana Relief Organization
P. O. Box 1722
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Thank you for your support. The Ghana Relief Organization (GRO) is registered 501(c)(3) charity and issues receipts in accordance with the IRS, EIN 27-1471200.