Ghana's Attractions


aburi garden in eastern region

Kakum National Park is a park situated in one of the last Rain Forests in the world. The park is roughly thirty minutes northwest of Cape Coast. The highlight point of this park is the suspension bridge which was created by two Canadians. It is one of Ghana's biggest attractions with its eight lengths of suspension bridge in the canopy of trees. Be ready for an uphill walk to get to the beginning of the bridge. If you are up for an adventure, you can arrange to camp overnight in the park and have a guide take you on an early morning hike through the rainforest in search of animals. The most popular and least visible animal is the tree elephant, a rare variety of elephant that lives in the forest rather than their brothers that live on the open plains. I have not met anyone yet that has come across one, but I have been assured by the guides that they do live there. Cost to enter the park is only a few dollars, but the catch is to go early because the gates close at 3:30 P.M.


central region with elephant

Mole National Park is located in the Northern Region of Ghana. It is a wildlife protected area, and is Ghana’s largest national park with 4849 square kilometers. It is best known for its often seen elephants, as well as buffalo, antelope, lion, leopard, hippo and five species of primates, over 93 mammal species in all. There are over 300 bird species and 33 identified reptile species. The park is also Ghana’s most developed ecotourism location in terms of tourist amenities, including a motel and small museum. While there are 40 km of roads within the park for game viewing, they reach only a small portion of the park.

central region with elephant 2

you can experience a guided walk or drive through the safari of Mole’s wooded Guinea Savanna habitat and wildlife. Safaris are offered in the early morning and late afternoon. You can visit Mole any time of year. Large mammal viewing is best from December to April, while birding is the best from June to October. The park is much cooler during the rainy season of April through September (raingear recommended). Mole’s facilities include a 33-bed motel perched on a scenic cliff with a restaurant, swimming pool, camping facilities and viewing platform over the adjacent waterhole. Mole is 170 km west of Tamale. Birding is spectacular in Mole. So, bring your binoculars, rent a bird guide from the tourist centre in Larabanga and request a Mole guide with bird knowledge.


Elmina Castle

picture of elimina castle in eastern region

It's difficult to explain the feeling of standing in a structure still somehow beautiful after hundreds of years. There is also an ominous feel from the horrors of the slave trade within its walls. Cape Coast "Castle" has beened owned by everyone from the Swedes to the Dutch and British. It is one of the oldest European buildings in West Africa. Guided tours are available with leaflets explaining the ins and outs of the fort available at the front entrance to supplement all that you're seeing. Walking through the open and airy rooms that would have been reserved for the European governors or traders presents a striking contrast, one that's difficult not to be overwhelmed by. Not to be missed is the "door of no return" along the eastern side of the Castle with a terrifying story. From this door, people were led out of the dungeons and onto ships that would take them away from their homes and families forever. The gift shop doesn't have much to do with the museum itself, but does hold some interesting art for sale including wood carvings mostly from local artist's cooperatives. Beware that prices in the shop are a bit high and similar pieces can be obtained in the markets for much less.